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Gottman Method specialized training is a careful, measured climb…
Creating and building a practice takes both structure and passion…
Presenting your life’s work to the world should be done with incisiveness and artistry.



We get to know you and how you want to be known to others.

I’m Batia Gottman, John Gottman’s sister. I created Gottman Marketing just for Gottman Therapists. 

Does marketing on the Internet challenge and mystify you? Do you wonder how best to reach prospective clients and grow your practice?


You and Your Practice are Unique

Whatever your professional goals, Gottman Marketing can help design a website and a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy unique to you. Whether you want to grow your practice, change client composition, open your own clinic, market couples’ workshops or marathons, train other therapists, or brand yourself more widely as an expert, your online marketing strategy must be tailored specifically to you.


Holistic Marketing Consultation

That’s where our “holistic” approach kicks in.

If you’re considering working with us, we’ll give you a free consultation, and spend time getting to know you and your business goals. Then if you’d like, we’ll produce a free initial web presence report for you. In that report we’ll not only research initial keywords to use to capture market share for your area; we’ll also show you what your top three competitors are doing to get there.

If you want to proceed, together we‘ll discuss marketing strategies that will provide the highest possible return on your marketing investment. The result will be a website that not only reflects your personality and approach, but serves as a platform to amplify your voice on the Internet. And once you have that basis, we can help with search engine optimization, social network marketing, and most importantly, content strategy and creation.


Don’t Be Fooled!

Ranking high on the search engines does not happen overnight. Don’t get oversold by companies that try and tell you this is true. A solid Internet marketing plan involves a multifaceted strategy incorporating many different tactics, and it takes time to achieve high ranked listings. The search engines have sophisticated algorithms that pick up any attempts to overload or game the system. They recognize and reward long-term, organic, diversified approaches to ranking, not full-tilt marketing onslaughts.

Ours is a more organic approach that happens over time to get you and keep you there.  If you choose this option, you will be covering all your bases, and can focus on providing help to your clients, knowing that in time you will be positioned to realize a solid return on your investment. This investment can take the place of other marketing that can drain your budget without lasting results.

Please see our Services pages and explore the drop-down menu for more detail on each of the services we provide. They explain in everyday terms what you'll be getting.


No Startup Fee, No Cancellation Fee


We have much more to offer; so don’t delay. There is no obligation when we consult with you. There’s no start up fee and no cancellation fee. You pay as you go and can monitor your results over time. We’re passionate about Gottman Method clinicians and about helping you get to the pinnacle of your success.


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